The Aster Hotel and/or any affiliated entities (the “Company” or “we”) has developed this privacy policy out of respect for the privacy of our customers, visitors to our website, job applicants, and independent contractors. This policy describes the personal information we collect, use, process, and disclose about individual consumers, applicants, and contractors who visit or interact with this website, visit any of our offices, facilities or locations, purchase or inquire about any of our products or services, contract with us to provide services, apply for a position of employment, or otherwise interact or do business with us.Whenever you visit our website, we will collect some information from you automatically simply by you visiting and navigating through this site, and some voluntarily when you submit information using a form on the website, enroll in or subscribe to our newsletter or marketing communications, request information, or use any of the other interactive portions of our website. Through this website, we will collect information that can identify you and/or your activity.Additionally, whenever you communicate, interact or do business with us, whether online or at any of our physical locations or facilities, or whether you are contracted to perform services for us or apply for a position of employment, we will be collecting personal information from you or about you in the course of our interaction or dealings with you.This policy does not apply to our current and former employees and their family members, dependents, and beneficiaries; if you are a California resident who is a current or former employee of the Company or a family member, dependent, or beneficiary of any of our current or former employees, you may request access to our Employee Privacy Policy by sending an email to