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Where is The Aster located?

Can I tour the space?

Hours of operation

Pet policy


Guest policy

Can I bring outside food?

Can I bring my children to the Club?



Can I receive mail at the Club?

Are my guests able to use the pool & wellness suite?

Can I bring a desktop computer to the workspace?

How do I connect to wifi?

Can I bring my own personal trainer to the gym?


How do I become a member?

When does my membership start?

How do I refer someone to become a member?

What do I have access to with my membership?

Do you offer corporate membership?

What is your technology policy?

How to cancel a membership?

Do I need my card to access The Aster?

What do I do if I lose my membership card?

Can I share my membership?

How is membership billed?

How can I update my billing information?


How do I book a room?

What types of rooms do you offer?

What do I have access to as a hotel guest?

Booking & Events

How can I book a private event at The Aster?

What areas of The Aster take dining reservations?

How do I RSVP to an event?

How can I book a private screening?

How many guests can I bring to an event?

Are events open to the general public?